The Mayor of Sliven Stefan Radev and the Manager of Irrigation Systems, Sredna Tundzha branch, Plamen Ivanov opened the ground for street fitness which is situated in Panayot Hitov Blvd., just next to Home for Elderly People – Sliven.

On a square of 448 м2, easy-to-access zones and fitness equipment, and a specially designed fountain with drinking water specially designed to suit them were built. There is also a marble table for chess players. The remaining apparatus of the fitness gym in the open are parallel bars, Swedish wall, horizontal bar, device for abdominal presses, bar for pushups and triceps exercises, 3 cubes for jump in place, bicycle, moon walking simulator, puller for arms and shoulders.

Following the cleaning of the terrain, nine benches, tables for chess and Koran reading, two dustbins and a bicycle stand were constructed. The zone was planted with grass and lighting fixtures were placed. Four benches on the alley leading to the fitness ground were placed.